Planting Seeds with Newspaper Pots

I’m definitely ready for spring and warm weather. Every day I look for ways to push back winter and get a little closer to gardening season. This past week, I decided to plant some more seeds and work on growing new plants for the gardens. I focused on select wildflower varieties that recommend starting indoors and planted them in newspaper pots. If you are ready to plant seeds and want to use recyclable pots, I have some easy ideas to get you started.

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Planting Seeds with Newspaper Pots

I have saved several seed trays from past garden adventures so when I was ready to start more flower seeds, I just needed pots to hold the potting mix and seeds. I decided to make newspaper pots that would fit the seed trays.

Materials Needed

  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Jar of Spices or Canned soup for shaping
  • Seeds
  • Potting Soil Mix
  • Water Bottle Mister

Tip: If you have a smaller seed tray, you can use the Newspaper Pot Maker instead of something out of your pantry.


  • Cut newspaper strips about 5 inches wide and the length of the newspaper
  • Use a jar of spices or canned soup to roll the newspaper
  • Bend the bottom inch or so of the newspaper and make a cup
  • Drop the rolled up newspaper cup into a seed starting tray if you have one left over from last summer’s planting season. If you don’t have a tray, then you can purchase one here.
  • Make as many newspaper cups as needed to fill the seed starter tray.
  • Fill with potting soil mix
  • Plant 2-3 seeds per newspaper cup
  • Mist carefully to moisten the soil without dislodging the seeds
  • Label with a popcycle stick or use old mini blind slats to make plant markers
  • Place in warm area to allow the seeds to germinate
  • Use a warming mat if desired
  • Wait *patiently* for your seeds to start growing!

How to make Plant Markers with old Mini Blinds

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