How to Plan a Laser Tag Birthday

Our son recently celebrated his 10th birthday. For the past few years, we have been trying to do a family activity as part of the birthday event instead of just host a party. For this birthday, we decided to play a game of laser tag. If you are thinking about planning a laser tag birthday celebration, you should check out these tips.

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How to Plan a Laser Tag Birthday

Choose a Central Location

When you start thinking about your laser tag experience, you need to decide where you are going to go. Do you want to stay local and invite friends or go to a centralized city? We wanted to share this experience with grandparents, cousins and extended family so we decided it was worth a little drive to get us in a local city.

Look for discounts

A game of laser tag typically costs about $8.00. If you plan to play two games, you might want to check out the birthday party package. The birthday party package often gives you a discounted price for multiple games as well as some perks for the birthday boy! At the place we went, they gave him a free birthday game for later and honored him with a toilet paper rolling! The birthday package also gave us a party room so we had a place to rest between games.

Arrive 30 minute early

Most laser tag games involve a few minutes before the game to get your special identity name and be checked in. Make sure you check with your game venue to see if they need you there early.

Be Ready to Move!

Laser Tag is played in a dimly lit arena with lots of places to run, hide, go up and down ramps and get moving. There’s often strobe lights, fog machines or black light effects. Wear tennis shoes and be ready to move.

Real Life Tip: If you get tired, you are of course free to find a corner and pick off all your opponents without working up a sweat. This is not a bad strategy. Just ask our Papa! He ended up placing 2nd out of the entire group by using this strategy!

Wear Dark Clothes

Most laser tag arenas will use black lights which reflect off bright colors. If you want to hide in the arena and get a bit of an advantage over your opponents, don’t show up in a white t-shirt.

Check on Food Options

Some laser tag locations offer food like pizza or snack bars, but others offer you the place to have a party and bring in your own food. For our party, we opted to have our games of laser tag and then go to a separate location for the actual party so it would be more suitable for the whole group.

Real Life Tip: Cupcakes iced as a whole cake may seem like a great idea. After all, everyone can just pick up a cupcake and eat it with no fork, no mess, right? Wrong! You may want to consider cupcakes that are individually placed in trays so they don’t get squashed in transport if you plan to drive very far for your party. Plus the extra icing makes them really messy. But on the upside, they sure did taste good!

Decide what you plan to do for food before you plan your party. Are you going to order pizza, serve cupcakes, soda, bottles of water?

Now that we have played laser tag as a family we are definitely planning to do this again. Have you ever played a game of laser tag? Got any tips for our next time? I’d love to hear your favorite memory!

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