Enjoying & Picking Grapes in Kentucky

Grapes are coming ripe here in Kentucky, so yesterday the kids and I drove over to visit my 94 year old Grandma and pick the grapes in her backyard. The rain was coming down, but that didn’t keep us from heading out together to pick the grapes and of course, eat quite a few right off the vine! There’s just nothing like the taste of grapes grown right in your backyard.

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Enjoying & Picking Grapes in Kentucky

My Grandma is an amazing woman. At age 94, some people would have expected her to let us go pick the grapes while she sat and watched from a comfy living room chair. But not Hazel. She was picking them right along with her great grandkids!

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But what is the best way to eat grapes that you pick out of the backyard? Some people are so used to the grapes you buy from the grocery, that they miss the experience of slipping the skin off the purple grapes and don’t get to taste the tangy tartness from a fresh grape. I have no idea how many grapes didn’t make it to the bowl. My kids were loving the fresh snack!

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Here are a few Ideas for Grapes

So for those of you are ready to enjoy some grapes, here are 5 ideas to help you enjoy this summer fruit!

Eat them Fresh

Just rinse the grapes and eat them fresh out of the bowl! You don’t get much tastier than this!


Put them in Salad

One blogger roasts the grapes as a garnish for salad or on the side of a nice grilled steak. Here’s how to roast grapes!

Use them for Dessert

Do you enjoy grapes picked right off the vine? What’s your favorite way to enjoy fresh grapes? Got a memory of picking grapes? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Besides your grandma’s (LOL), are there places in KY you can pay to pick fresh grapes? These are a staple fruit here and would love to pick them off the vine!

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