How to Pick a Winter Coat for your Dog

As the weather starts to get colder, it’s time to pull out the winter coats, scarves and gloves for the family; but let’s not forget about our dogs too! But how do you know what size coat to buy for your dog? If you get the wrong size you’ll end up storing it back or putting it in the thrift store donation pile. Here’s a company that is making it easier to perfect size coat for your active dog so they’ll be warm and cozy all season long!


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How to Pick a Winter Coat for your Dog

In winters past, we had a little coat for our yorkie. But then like often happens with dogs (and kids too) the coat got too small. Since Henry loves to play out in the snow with the family, we knew we had to get him a new winter coat before the snow starts to fall.


Measure your Dog

Each dog is unique in his size. Sure, there are general size categories like small, medium and large, but even small dogs have unique size characteristics. When its time to pick out a winter coat for your dog, take some time to measure your dog. At Kurgo, you can know ahead of time exactly which coat will fit your pup!


Think about the activities

Some dogs spend the majority of their time inside a warm house and only go out occasionally to take care of their business. But other dogs are as adventurous as their owners. If you plan to be out in the weather with your pet on hikes, adventures and outdoor activities, then you need a dog that will keep his core warm but give his head room to breathe.

If you plan to do more runs and walks in the rain, you may want to choose a coat that has a hood to keep the rain off his face.


Help Fido brave those chilly fall and winter months in this reversible, quilted shell. Made from rugged Microtomic™ Ripstop material and 140 msg Polytech fill, this lightweight jacket is just as city worthy as it is mountain made. The waterproof shell has a zipper opening so you can access your pup’s harness to attach a leash. This dog coat is designed for athletic dogs that are going to be running, hiking and adventuring in inclement weather. Therefore, it is a more fitted coat, allowing your pup to move freely. It does not cover the entire length of most dogs and is designed to keep the core warm and dry.

Go for Convenience & Comfort

I love these Kurgo Loft Dog Jackets because they are reversible. It’s almost like buying two coats in one. So when I need a bright color to help me see my dog out in nature, I can go bright green. But on other days when I want something a little more subdued, I can just flip it inside out and give Henry a grey coat.


I love how easy it is is to velcro the coat shut so that it will fit him on days when he has just had a hair cut or when he gets a little thick around the middle during the cold days of winter and he may not get as much outdoor running time.


What kind of coat do you have for your dog? Got a favorite? I’d love to see pictures of you and your furry friend out enjoying nature!

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