Creative Photo Souvenirs Ideas


What do you collect when you take a vacation? The most common collections usually include T-shirts, coffee mugs, thimbles or bumper stickers. But maybe you want to think outside the box and come up with some creative photo souvenirs using your camera. Here are four ideas for some photo souvenirs that might just hit the spot for you.

Creative Photo Souvenirs Ideas

State Welcome Signs

This is a pretty common collection when people travel to multiple states. They often take the camera and try to capture the visiting welcome sign for each state. Some people even take along a garden gnome or stuffed animal to get in the picture as well.

gnome collage

Tip: Many rest areas often have a welcome sign for that state. You can pull over to the rest area after you enter the state and then get your picture with the state welcome sign in a safe place. If you take them from the interstate, always use common sense and make sure you are exercising safety precautions.


Landmark Signs

Sometimes you want to take a photo of famous landmarks that you have visited. State or National Parks, special attractions or historical sites often have a welcome sign at the entrance. Take a picture in front of the sign so that you can prove that you were there.


Popsicle stick pictures

If you are not comfortable jumping in front of the camera all along your trip route, maybe you want to create a popsicle stick picture of each member of your group. Take a picture of each person before you leave home and tape them to the top of a popsicle. Then each time you arrive at a destination, you simply pull out each person’s stick and take a picture of the stick figure in front of the attraction.

Favorite Places

Some people have favorite places that they like to visit. I heard of one man who was a fan of McDonald’s coffee. Every time he took a stretch break he would grab another cup of coffee from McD’s. He could take a picture of each restaurant and document his cross country trip by the number of restaurants he stopped at.

If you travel with young children, you may want to stop at local parks along the route. Take a picture on each slide to show how you played across the countryside.

Be creative with your photo souvenirs. Don’t just get in a rut with your souvenirs. Think outside the camera lens and capture the memories of your road trip vacation!

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