National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Because I know that many of you love putting pet costumes on your fur babies, I’ve gathered some of the most fun pictures from my friends, family and other bloggers. So whether you love your dogs, cats or even pot bellied pigs, we’ve got some fun pets dressed up in their very best pet costumes!


National Dress Up Your Pet Day & Pet Costumes

From looking at these pictures, there is no question that our pets are warm and cared for this cold month of January. Not only do we buy pet sweaters and coats, but we make sure they look cute while they are staying warm as well!

Dress Your Pet Day on Make A Gif


And for those of you can’t get enough of our furry friends, here are some more pets and kids, proving that happiness is the love between a child and their dog!.

Even Pigs Need to Be Warm in Winter

One friend of mine has 2 pot bellied pigs! Brooke often shares pictures of their antics and the joys of being a pig owner! Here is Paisley all dressed up in her favorite new sweater!


Sometimes a simple bandana is all we can manage
I couldn’t let this post get too far along without sharing our little Yorkie! I think I need to get busy and find himself something a little warmer for these cold winter months!


Some owners love to help their fur babies see a little better

nala in glasses

While others are content to let their dogs just enjoy a good nap while styling in their pretty pink sweater!

ann williams

Maybe you just want to make sure your little fur ball dresses warm for the snow?


Does your 4 legged friend have a favorite pet costume?

amber 1
jenny hodges 3
jenny hodges 2

We love to celebrate our pets! Want to see more pets dressed up to celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

Do you have a pet who loves to dress up? I’d love to see your fur baby too! Which one is your favorite?

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  1. These furry baby pictures are adorable! I love the cat posing as a hotdog…and then there is the dog who would be Superman. All the pictures are priceless. Thanks from everyone for this delightful bunch of pictures!

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