Personalized Mugs for Fun Surprise Gifts


Have you seen the new Cricut Mug Press that lets you create personal, dishwasher safe designs on coffee mugs? This Cricut product is super fun and makes it easy for an amateur crafter like me to design custom gifts with ease. This weekend I decided to make up a few fun surprise gifts to take to my cousins and decided to use the Mug Press. If you are looking for an easy way to use your Mug Press to create fun gifts, personalized mugs may just be what you are searching for!

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Personalized Mugs for Fun Surprise Gifts

Materials Needed


  • Design the label in your Cricut program.

Cricut Tip: There are two places to find mug press patterns in Cricut Design Space. You can go to Projects and then search for mug press. That will bring you multiple options for easy designs.

If you want to customize the edges, you can choose Mug Design Setup and then pick whether you want wavy, scalloped, zig zag, straight, or curvy edges. You can also go to Images and search for Mug Press to get dozens of pre-made designs.

  • Customize the name
  • Print and cut with your Cricut
  • Tape to the mug
  • Insert into the Mug Press and wait a few minutes
  • Let the mug cool
  • Remove the vinyl
  • Admire your work

How to Use Two Different Patterns

If you want to use two different infusible ink patterns, it’s pretty simple. Create your design and then hide the items that you want to use for the first pattern. Print and cut the first design. Then hide the original pattern and print/cut your second items.

Weed out the excess for each of the patterns and piece together the pattern on your mug. Remember to trim off any of the plastic backing so the infusible ink is directly on the mug before you put the mug in the Mug Press.

Don’t you love this Wildflower Infusible Ink Pattern?

Now I have a nice collection of personal mugs to share the next time I need a gift. I have the design marked on the bottom of the box so I’m ready to share a personal gift.

Have you made any mugs with the Cricut Mug Press? What is your favorite design?

Intro to the Cricut Mug Press

New to the Cricut Mug Press? Get the Beginners Guide here!

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  1. Sharon,
    I am loving my mug press! I did not know how to use two different designs until you just posted instructions. Thank you so much. I must do that.

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