How to Create Personalized Coffee Mugs


Do you have any parties or family gatherings planned? Are any of your guests coffee or tea drinkers? Why not create a personalized cup for each of your guests! This is a frugal, simple idea that is much for fun than just writing the names of your guests on a plastic water bottle. With just a little bit of planning, you can give your guests a personalized, custom mug and help create a memory.

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How to Create Sharpie Coffee Mugs

Where can you find plain white cups? Everywhere! Yard sales, thrift stores, your own cabinets! Just start looking and you’ll be surprised where all you can find white dishes. Feel free to branch out and decorate large bowls for chips or snacks.

cups and markers

Materials Needed

Plain White Mugs
Sharpie Markers (or paint pens)


Write or draw on each mug however you like!
That’s it!

Sure, we could really take this idea up a notch and use special markers or bake the mugs in the oven to make them permanent, but just using everyday sharpie markers works great. Will the color wash off? Probably. Will it last through the dish washer cycle? I doubt it! The only thing I can guarantee is that the personalized cups will be a great touch to your next party! What the guests do with the cups after the party is up to them!

Decorating white cups with sharpie markers is not original with me. People all around the internet have taken this same idea and created some works of art. Click on the images below to get more ideas!

Have you ever decorated mugs with sharpie markers? Got any tips? I’d love to hear!

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