Personalize Your Stuffed Animals with Vinyl


Have you ever thought about how you can personalize your stuffed animals using iron-on vinyl? If you have a Cricut machine and some iron on vinyl, you can turn an average stuffed animal into a custom gift for the kids in your life. I found this super cute monkey stuffed animal and decided to turn it into an ‘up, down, all around’ movement monkey with some iron on vinyl. Let this idea inspire you to create something fun for your children.

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Personalize Your Stuffed Animals with Vinyl

Materials Needed


Create your design and cut the iron vinyl. Remember to mirror your design when you cut.

Weed the excess and decide where you want to put the pieces of the design. Since I chose the arrows and ‘up, down’, all around theme’ then I wanted to attach arrows on each of the paws and ears.

Use your Easy Press Mini to iron on each of the design pieces.

Now with less than 30 minutes of time invested, you have created a personalized ‘up, down, all around’ movement stuffed animal. What do you think? Does this get you thinking about other fun stuffed animals you can personalize and gift to the kids in your family?

Take a look at these fun ideas to help get you thinking even more!

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