Peninsula Fine Arts Center: Toy Exhibition

Planning a visit to Newport News, Virginia? One of the top attractions that needs to be on your bucket list is the Peninsula Fine Arts Center. Right now they are hosting a traveling Toy Exhibition that is absolutely amazing. But if you want to experience this, you don’t have long! It’s only available until September 15, 2019!

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The Toy Exhibition is a traveling exhibit that is only available at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center in Newport News until September 15, 2019. Take your time with each of the exhibits and look closely so you can enjoy and appreciate the art that has been created using toys. Some of the exhibits use stuffed animals, baby dolls, voice boxes, and even barbie dolls.

There’s even a piece of Chihuly glassware on permanent display!

Toys Exhibition Series

June 7 – September 15 , 2019


This colorful exhibit invites both children and the young at heart to “take a trip back in time… back to when there were no cell phones or video games, and batteries were never included.” Participants can engage with tumbling, sliding, rocking, spinning, dancing, and flying folk toys that demonstrate the effects of gravity, inertia, rhythm, harmonic motion, and mechanics. Many of the wooden toys can be traced to early civilization, but what is most interesting is how they have been a part of American culture since the day our country was settled.

Toys as Art

—press release about each exhibit—

As artists and their works have evolved through the decades, so have the materials that they utilize in their art.  From canvas to marble to bronze, the options are endless.  The exhibition examines the work of artists who use toys to produce inventive works that address “the kid in all of us.”  These engaging artworks invite the viewer, young and old, to reimagine how we play and the toys and memories of our childhood.  Artists include Peter Emanuel, Christian Faur, Freya Jobbins, Margaux Lange, Jonathan Lopes, Billie Grace Lynn, Ryan Lytle, Wade Mickley and Monique Sarfity.

 Toy Photography 

 Mitchel Wu

Based in Los Angeles, Mitchel Wu creates and crafts stories through toy photography…capturing the illusion of motion and emotion where none exists. He received  his degree in illustration from the California College of the Arts in Northern California and  has been focused on creativity throughout his career. Prior to embarking on a career in photography, Wu worked at the Walt Disney Company followed by creative collaborations with Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Lucasfilm and Cirque Du Soleil.

Brian Korte: Brickworkz

Most of us played with LEGO toys when we were younger- in fact, LEGO reports that this year more than 400 million people around the world will play with LEGO bricks.

Brick artist Brian Korte got his first LEGO set early in his childhood and has been infatuated with the medium ever since. This exhibition includes work that combines art, popular culture and LEGOS.

Find the Peninsula Fine Arts Center

101 Museum Drive
Newport News, Virginia 23606


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