Peanut Brittle Blisters

Peanut Brittle Blisters – a personal hobby fiasco

Cooking Peanut Brittle should require the baker to read safety warnings and sign medical waivers. Well, maybe it’s not really a dangerous hobby, but it does require some basic common sense.

Personal story: The first time I decided to try to make peanut brittle, I decided it smelled so good and looked so tasty that I wanted to take a taste test….. when it first started boiling. Now common sense should have prevailed and made me realize that you should never taste a candy syrup when it has started boiling.

But whoever said I had the most common sense? The blister on my lip lasted long enough to help me learn my lesson!

Have you ever learned a lesson the hard way about a new hobby? I’d love to have you share your hobby fiasco!

In my defense, this was many years ago and I have never done this since!

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