Peach Icecream – Hobby Fiasco

Years ago I was newly married, helping my husband with a group of teens and excited about impressing them all with a batch of homemade icecream. We had received an icecream freezer as a wedding gift and though I had never made any homemade icecream, I was excited to try!

I found an easy recipe for vanilla icecream. This is back in the days when you had a recipe and followed it. You couldn’t google to find the easiest set of instructions.

I added the milk, eggs, sugar and started the freezing process. ***Somehow I missed the step about whipping the eggs. I just dropped them in whole.

The icecream set up perfect. It looked so good! I was extremely proud of myself!

Then it happened. We served it to the teens. Everyone was really excited and enjoying. Then I heard one of the guys comment to my husband about how much “he just loved this peach ice cream – it actually had peach chunks!”

Unfortunately, what he and several others had found was frozen chunks of egg.

I still get teased about my peach icecream with frozen chunks. I have since discovered the joy of going to the store and buying a half gallon of Mayfield, Breyers or Turkey Hill!

Ever had a fiasco when you made home made icecream? I’d love to hear that I’m not the only one!

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  1. I’m guessing those didn’t turn out really well either huh? Lol – There’s some things you just never live down! 🙂

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