Pay It Forward #BirthdayWish

There’s no way I can repay my parents for the car I flipped and totaled when I was 16, or for the private Christian school education they paid for almost all of my life, or for the love and care they continue to give me. I can’t repay my grandparents for the heritage they have given me or my teachers for the gift of knowledge or the love of music. I can never pay back all the people who have made me who I am or helped shape my life and put me where I am today. But I can pay it forward!

Today I celebrate my 40th birthday! Last year, I was talking with my sister in law who had this great idea of doing 40 acts of kindness when she turns 40 next year. I love that idea and am going to ask you to share it with me!

Pay It Forward #BirthdayWish

pay it forward birthdaywish

I have thousands of readers that read the posts here on Hobbies on a Budget every month. If just a handful of you accept the challenge to do random acts of kindness today, Hobbies on a Budget readers can make a significant difference in our communities.

These acts of kindness don’t need to involve money. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how you can participate in this big 40th birthday wish!

  1. Share an extra coupon with a stranger.
  2. Buy a random stranger a cup of coffee.
  3. Take a few clothes your kids have outgrown and donate them to a friend or resource center.
  4. Take a cup of hot chocolate to a school secretary.
  5. Smile and say good morning to the cashier in the grocery.
  6. Finished a good book recently?  Leave it on your table at a restaurant with a note that says “I loved this book and now I want to share it with you! Enjoy!”
  7. Clean your kids room for them (even though they’re old enough to do it themselves!
  8. Call an old friend and say HI! Ask them how their day is going?

How can you participate?

Leave a comment and tell me what you did! If you are on Facebook, then just leave a comment on the Hobbies on a Budget facebook wall. Twitter and Instagram users can use the tag #birthdaywish.

Together we can make our communities a better place. We can never pay back everyone who has influenced our lives, but we can pay it forward!

I’ve got to get busy. It’s going to take some thinking to do 40 acts of kindness today!

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  1. There’s nothing to make you feel better than a RAK. I used to make tiny gift bags with simple things like a candle or a candy bar and leave it on someone’s desk at the office. Everyone loves a surprise!

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