Patchwork Word Mason Jar Tumbler

Recently I created a new mug with infusible ink and a mason jar-style sublimation tumbler. I wanted to design a patchwork-style background with some words that are important in my life showcased in a contrasting print. This mug design is a little more detailed than some of my other infusible ink mugs but it is very doable for any level of crafter. You need three contrasting infusible ink designs and a mason jar tumbler. Think about the words that you want to feature and create your own patchwork word mason jar tumbler.

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Patchwork Word Mason Jar Tumbler



Decide which patterns you want to use. I used the two variants of red for my background. Measure the height you want for your tumbler. I chose to make it 4 inches high and left it full length.

  • Fold the piece in half and then cut slits about 3/4 of the way to the top of the folded paper.
  • Cut your 2nd contrasting pattern in strips and weave them through the slits to create a basket weave pattern.
  • Use heat-safe tape to attach your basket weave pattern to the mason jar tumbler.
  • Place your tumbler into your Ciruct Mug Press. When your Mug Press reaches the 3rd or 4th green light, open the press and carefully turn your mug so the rest of the mug will be heated. Remember that metal will be very hot, so use a heat safe glove or towel to make the twist.
  • While the mug is in the press, print the words you want to add using contrasting patterns. I used the darker red and brown for my words.
  • Remove the tumbler from the Mug Press and let it completely cool down.
  • Remove the infusible ink paper and attach the printed words. Remember that you can use both pieces of the infusible ink paper to get the different cutout looks. This is also a great way to use more of your infusible ink paper.
  • Once you have the words secured with the heat-safe tape, then put your tumbler in the Mug Press a 2nd time.
  • Turn the mug at the half way point again to ensure that all the color is transferred.
  • Remove from Mug Press and let it cool completely.
  • You may see some residual color transfer from the tape but that just adds to the look and doesn’t bother me at all.
  • When you rebake the tumbler for the 2nd time, the color may fade a bit.

I’d love to make this same idea again using different colors and words to create a totally new look. What colors and words would you use? I’d love to see this design tweaked to fit your life. Show me what you create! I’d love to see!

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