How to Make Paper Cats and Dogs


My daughter came home from school last week telling me that one of her friends had been trying to make a dog out of a piece of paper but it didn’t quite look right. I remembered making a dog face with floppy ears back when I was a kid, so we did what all intelligent Moms do when they want to impress their kids – they do a google search. We found how to make paper cats and dogs very easily using a single sheet of paper and a pair of scissors.

paper cats and dogs

How to Make Paper Cats and Dogs

Making a paper cat or dog is super simple. In fact, my 8 year old got so excited and had so much fun that she made a dozen so she could take them to school and share them with her friends.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Colored paper (optional)


  • Fold the paper over and cut off the bottom so you have an even square.
  • Fold the ears down on each side.
  • Fold the nose triangle up.
  • Use a pen or marker to draw eyes, nose and ears.
How to Make Cats and Dogs
How to Make Paper Dog and Cat

For full directions,click on how to make a dog face

Making the Cat Face

The cat face was a simple switch. Instead of folding the ear flaps down in front of the face, you just fold them up. The top triangle folds backwards too. Then you flip over the face so the ears are in the back.

Making the cat face

There are directions for every imaginable paper animals or shapes.

Have you ever made animals out of paper? What’s your favorite paper creation to make? Got any fun stories or tips? I’d love to hear!

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