Painted Lizards with Oriental Trading

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When it’s rainy outside it’s time to find a fun indoor activity that still lets you stay connected to the world outside. My kids recently had fun painting these little wooden lizards from Oriental Trading Co. Anytime the kids get the chance to be creative and use paint, they’re in artistic paradise. We pulled out the paint tablecloth, the Acrylic paint and turned them loose to see what they would create with these painted lizards.


Painted Lizards with Oriental Trading

These little wooden lizards come already assembled – ready to be painted and turned into unique masterpiece creations.


Painting with Acrylic paint is a pretty safe experience for kids (and Mom, too!). I keep a plastic tablecloth in the cabinet that is only used for craft projects. I cover the table, lay out some paper plates for the paint, add a small bowl of water for cleaning the brushes and turn the kids loose.

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Tip: The paint brushes need to be blotted dry after you rinse them in water. Otherwise, the acrylic paint will get too watery and not cover as well.


Cleaning up Acrylic Paint Projects

Cleaning up the brushes after using acrylic paint is an easy task. You can just rinse off the brushes with water and then dry them with a paper towel.


If any of the paint gets on the table, chairs or wall, just use a damp cloth or a little spray cleaner to wipe off the spots.

You can order these wooden lizards from Oriental Trading.

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