Our Tie Dye Experience


Who doesn’t love a personally designed Tie Dyed T-Shirt?! Making a Tie Dye Shirt was on my daughter’s wish list for summer activities. So we grabbed a white t-shirt for my 2 youngest and a white pillowcase for my 10 year old.

Our tie dye experience

Let the fun begin!

    • Soak the shirts
      We soaked the 3 items in a sink of water/soda ash mixture. (It says to use gloves and a mask for safety).
    • Use rubberbands
      You can make special designs or just randomly band them on the shirt or case.
tie dye experience
  • Paint them with dye.
    The dye will stain the hands if you don’t use gloves.  It didn’t stay on very long – only about 24 hours!
tie dye experience
    • Let them sit in a ziploc bag for 4-24 hours.
      Use a sharpie marker to identify the different shirts if they are similar.
tie dye experience
    • Rinse till the water runs clear
    • Wash in a load by themselves
    • Enjoy!
tie dye experience


tie dye experience

You can buy the die at your local craft store or you can order a kit online from Dharma Trading Company.

I received a tie dye kit for the purpose of this review/

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  1. The kids sprayed the dye really thick! After I would have quit, they just kept soaking the shirts and pillowcase with dye. I was afraid they would actually turn a dark brown or almost black because they used so much color. But they turned out really nice. Sorry you have not had much luck. When you try again, just really coat them really thick.

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