Organizing Coupons for Real Life Savings


Most people know this simple fact: “If you can’t find something easily, you won’t use it!” It’s not rocket science. It applies to the spices in our kitchen pantry as well as the extra toothbrush or deodorant in our bathroom closet. It also applies to coupons. I have used coupons for many years in varying stages of commitment. I’ve done the huge 3″ binder with coupons cut and neatly organized by topic. I’ve done the coupon inserts divided by type and sorted by date. I’ve done the little coupon expandable envelopes. I’ve now gotten to the point that my method is just to throw all the coupons in a bag and hope that I have time next week to sort through them before they expire.

It’s time to begin organizing coupons for real life savings!

Organizing Coupons for Real Life Savings

organizing coupons for real life savings

Many people go through stages of coupon use just like I have. But most of us come back to the binder method as the most organized way to really save money. But there are varying ways to use the coupon binder to make them fit your life.

I received 3 different size coupon binders to test and review from

coupon 1

3-Ring Coupon Organizer Binder

This is the full size binder for the person who wants to keep up with all the coupons in one easy location. This is the binder that will save you the most money. But it will also require the most time commitment. Each week you will need to clip and sort your coupons making sure to check expiration dates. When you carry this organizer with you to the grocery each week, you will be ready to take advantage of the unexpected sales or clearance items. When I used this method, I saved tons of money.

You can easily find every coupon and save money on unexpected sales and clearance items. Everything is organized and very accessibile.

Very time consuming to cut and sort all your coupons. Can be heavy and bulky to keep up with a 2nd bag and full notebook.

Overall Dimensions – 10⅞” x 11 ⅝” x 2”. Expands to hold up to 80 pages. Each Organizer includes a 2” inch 3-ring binder with two inside cover pockets designed to securely hold contents, Categories list (on the back cover), Coupon Terminology Sheet, and 40 assorted Ultra Pro Clear Coupon Pages. Binder is available in 5 designs.

• Super Clear, Heavy Duty Pages
• Made in U.S.A.
• Pages are Acid-free and no PVC
• Pre-punched 3- hole design

9-Pocket Coupon Organizer Portfolio

coupon mania medium

This is the mid range binder which allows you to keep up with quite a few coupons but not be quite so time consuming or bulky to carry around. I went with this size for a while and still was able to maximize my savings in the grocery and drug stores.

Not as time consuming because you don’t keep every single coupon. You still have access to most of the sales and clearance items because you get in a rhythm and start to know what brands will go on sales.

Still requires you to sort and clip regularly. May still require a 2nd coupon bag or large purse.

Overall Dimensions – 9 ⅛” x 11⅝” x ¾”. Portfolio comes with 20 Sealed-in, 9-Pocket, Clear Coupon Pages (180 Pockets Total). Each organizer includes: 2 inside cover pockets designed to securely hold contents, Categories List (on the back cover), and Coupon Terminology Sheet. Portfolio is available in 5 designs.

4-Pocket Coupon Organizer Portfolio

coupon small

This is my favorite binder right now in my life. I am able to sort and easily find the coupons that I know I want to use. I keep my free product coupons and store bonus cash in the front pages so I will not forget to use them before they expire. I only clip the coupons that I know I can use but then I am able to easily drop them in the pockets. I like this size because it easily fits in my purse and does not require me to carry a 2nd coupon bag.

coupon small inside

Overall Dimensions – 6⅜”x 8” x ¾”. Portfolio comes with 20 Sealed-in, 4-Pocket, Clear Coupon Pages (80 Pockets Total). Each organizer includes: 2 inside cover pockets designed to securely hold contents, Categories List (on the back cover), and Coupon Terminology Sheet. Portfolio is available in 5 designs.

coupon small purse

Do you use a coupon binder to help you stay organized and save money? I’d love to hear your best tips and experiences!

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  1. I am just starting my coupon journey. Right now, I am using ziploc bags. I love these stylish, fit in a purse, and organized portfolios! Hoping for a win 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I use a cardboard binder but it isn’t very sturdy. With 3 kids it’s hard to find the time to clip and sort coupons each week. I think the smaller binder idea would work much better for me.

  3. I use to coupon before all the stores changed their policies once extreme couponing aired. Now I mainly just use my rewards cards to load them on to. I think the little one would make it simplier though instead of carrying around a binder like I used too 🙂

  4. Its hard to keep them organied I’m always hunting . This would be so nice to have them in a pocket organizer.! ty for the giveaway

  5. I love them all…so unique and would be so helpful as all I do is place my coupons in an envelope that has my list on the outside. When I’m done shopping, it goes in the garbage…well, since it’s all paper, I recycle it.

  6. I have a lot of coupons that need to be organized. One of these coupon binders would make it easier for me to find the coupon I need quickly.

  7. wow that small one fits real good in the handbag–that is probably the size I really need– but when it comes down to it any size or coupon holder is the size I need– my wallet is just not working–thanks

  8. This would be so nice to help me get organized and save money on my grocery shopping. I would use all three of these binders.

  9. I am an avid couponer. There is nothing like a binder to keep them sorted out! These are really cute designs! 🙂

  10. If it wasn’t for the huge coupon binder, Sharon, we wouldn’t have met each other in cvs 8 years ago:) I have changed binders over the years. I enjoy the compact binders now days…its like changing purses…different seasons, different binders!

  11. This would make my life much easier, as I now keep my coupons in an envelope & most times my coupon expires before I go through the envelope stacks 😉

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