Old dresser into a Quilt Display Shelf


Do you have family quilts and afghans that you love but are just being stored in tote boxes in the basement or attic? Maybe it’s time to display the quilts and afghans so you can enjoy them whenever you walk down the hall. If you have an old dresser and are looking for a super easy display idea, this might be just for you.

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Old dresser into a Quilt Display Shelf

This is not an original idea to me, but it is so easy that I wanted to share my version of turning an old dresser into a quilt display shelf.

I inherited a dresser from my granddad and didn’t need the drawer space, but I wanted a place to display my family quilts. I pulled out the drawers and discovered that there were already wood panels under each of the drawer slats.

If there are just slats between each of the drawers, you will need to measure and insert thin panels of wood to create shelves.

Depending on what the wood looks like, you may want to put a pillowcase or piece of fabric to protect your quilts. But in my case, the wood is in great shape with no splinters or rough spots, so I didn’t have to do anything.

Now came the fun part of folding each of the quilts and afghans to decide how I wanted it to look. I’m not sure if this is the final look, but I’m excited to get it moved into place and display my favorite family quilts.

Some people like painting the old pieces of furniture with chalk or white paint, but for now I love keeping the original wood finish with all its knicks and character from being used for so many years.

Would you paint it or leave it in the original finish?

Have you ever repurposed an old dresser to create a shelf? I’d love to see how you have repurposed vintage furniture to decorate your house.

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