No Glue, No Styrofoam Yarn Candy Corn


I’ve seen these adorable yarn candy corn decorations on Pinterest but I didn’t have any styrofoam cones in my house. I live in rural Kentucky so going to a craft store is going to involve too much time and I don’t want to wait on an Amazon delivery. So I decided to use what I have and create these no-glue, no styrofoam Yarn Candy Corn Decorations!

Are they perfect? Not even close! But they are super fun and take less than 30 minutes!

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No Glue, No Styrofoam Yarn Candy Corn

I have lots of yarn in my storage stash so all I need to make is a cone shape base so I can wrap the yarn and create the candy corn.

Materials Needed:

  • Poster Board (or cardstock)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Yarn – Yellow, White, Orange
  • Needle (optional)


Make a cone shape out of your poster board or cardstock. The bigger your cone, the bigger your Candy Corn decoration. (Trace a circle using a plate. Cut out a slice and then fold the circle into a cone shape.)

Make a small snip in the bottom edge of the cone.

Start wrapping your yarn with your first color. Candy Corn is typically yellow, orange, and white so that’s the color yarn I used.

When you finish one color, tuck it in or tape it off to secure it.

Tip: Use a large tapestry needle to secure the end of the white yarn when you get to the end.

Create a group of multiple cones so you can have different shapes and make an eye catching centerpiece for your table or counter! You can even pair them with your yarn pumpkins you made earlier for more Fall Decor fun!

There you go! You’ve got a simple fall decoration that didn’t cost a penny!

Looking for other DIY yarn projects for Fall? Check out these no sew, no glue yarn pumpkins!

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