New Ways to Display your Favorite Photos

Years ago, I heard someone say that you should only decorate with things you need or that bring you joy. I have taken that to heart and don’t keep alot of random things in my home. The things that I use as decorations either fulfill a function or make me smile. Recently I had the opportunity to try out some new ideas of displaying photos from Parabo Press and that got me thinking even more about the different ways to display photos around my home.

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New Ways to Display your Favorite Photos

Photo Ropes

Photo Ropes come with eight super strong magnets that make it easy to hang a variety of family photos, artwork, postcards, ticket stubs – you decide! Select from vertical or horizontal to fit in any space and hang with just one or two pushpins to create a string of your most special times.

Personal Note: Sometimes I receive products that I don’t just “like” but I love them enough that I buy more for gifts. That’s the case with these photo ropes. I ordered two more for holiday gifts! I can’t wait to package them up and deliver them to some special people!

Clip Lights

Clip Lights shine a light on your favorite faces and places with a string of clothespin style clips. Featuring 20 clear clips, each with its own LED, you can hang your photos with ease and display your best prints for all to see.

Clothes Pins & Ribbon

If you don’t have the Clip Lights, you can still use this idea on a different scale. Just pull out classic clothes pins and hang a ribbon on a door. Now you can update your decor with new pictures anytime you want. Just use a binder clip to attach the ribbon on the back side of the door to hold the ribbon in place.

Bonus idea: This is a great way to display Christmas cards with almost no work at all!

Good Hangups

Hang all your prints in seconds and keep them free from damage with Good Hangups. Make a sleek-looking wall grid of Square Prints or a row of Newsprints to showcase your favorite faces and places. You can even use these to hang posters or individual prints. These eight sturdy magnastickers go directly on your wall, allowing you to use neat little magnets to hang just about anything. Now it’s easy to display them and fill your space with joy.

Hanging Plastic Gallery

Years ago I bought a plastic gallery and hung it on the wall going down to our basement. Every few months I print our recent photos and just slide in some updated photos.

Hole Punch & Ornament Hooks

I printed these small 4 inch square prints from Parabo.Press, punched a small hole in the top and have them hanging in my Christmas garland on the railing down to the basement. Super simple! Super festive. These square photos are printed on thick, matte paper making them perfect for hanging since they don’t roll or bend as easily. Tip: This size would be perfect for gift tags as well!

How do you display photos in your home? Do you have any favorite ways that you decorate with photos? I’d love to hear!

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