New Use for Scrap Material


If you love to sew or quilt, you probably have small pieces of scrap material left over and no definite plan to use them. How about this great idea from my friend Patti?

She took small pieces of heart fabric and machine quilted them in a small heart shape. She trimmed the edges like you would for a rag quilt. (That meant she didn’t have to take the time to hem or turn wrong side out.) Then when she was decorating for a valentines lunch she placed one at each place setting. This idea can easily be adapted for any holiday or occasion. I’m thinking fall leaves for harvest, christmas fabric for December, solid reds and blues on white dishes for July.

Take it a step further and use these as personalized coasters for each guests.

Or how about adding a magnet for a decoration? Or an ornament hanger for Christmas trees? Adding a chocolate kiss on top or a mint in the middle? The possibilities are endless….

This would also be a great starter project to do with a young crafter!

Have you ever done something like this with your scrap material? I’d love to see what you created!

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