4 Tips to Prepare Kids for a New School

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It’s back to school time! Those three little words can spark excitement, groans and a little bit of nerves – especially when kids are going to a new school. Our three kids are starting a brand new chapter this year in a new school system. We have been gearing up for this move and now are ready to make the actual transition. We are all excited but the kids have finally admitted that it’s a little scary to walk into a new school where everyone else already knows the routine. Here are 4 tips to prepare kids for a new school. Maybe we can make the transition easier by working together.


4 Tips to Prepare Kids for a New School

1. Hold off on Some Purchases

Sure, there are some back to school supplies that you have to buy immediately. Notebooks, pencils, crayons and tissue boxes need to be purchased and taken to school on the first day. But there are some things you may want to hold off on purchasing till after the first few days of school have passed. What do the kids carry at the new school? Do most of the kids use backpacks or messenger bags? Are they wearing sandals or tennis shoes? Do the students have zip binders or do they just haul their books? If your kids are older and care a bit about fitting in with the other students, you may want to give them the option of using their backpack from last year until they decide what they want to use in their new school.

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2. Visit the School Early

When possible, visit the new school and give the kids a chance to meet the new principal and see the facilities. Not only does this give the kids a chance to see their classrooms and cafeteria, but it also allows them to have a few minutes of one-on-one time with the principal. We registered the kids at their new school a few weeks ago. We had the opportunity to get a full tour by the principal. He answered questions, introduced us to some of the exciting things going on in the building and even made sure the kids knew where the restrooms are.

3. Celebrate with some easy snacks

Make the Open House or First Day back to school a celebration. Have some super easy snacks that the kids can even make on their own. Bagel Bites or Delimex Taquitos make great snacks. They’re super quick to fix and taste great.

Since tonight is Open House for the kids, I decided to have a super easy Open House Celebration Lunch. A fun tablecloth, some bright color plates and easy snacks are all that was needed to turn a potentially scary day into a mini-celebration.

I ran into Walmart and picked up some frozen snacks while we were on errands so I’d be ready for the Open House Party. I love that the Bagel Bites are made with real cheese and homemade sauce and have 0g trans fats. You can get more ideas for After School Snacks and recipes here.


The good thing about these afterschool snacks is that my older kids can pop them in the microwave on their own once they get home from their first day of school.

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By turning the new school experience into an excuse for a party, we are hopefully making it a little more fun to think about the new school. The bonus for checking out these fun Bagel Bites and Delimex Taquitos now is that I know which flavors are their favorite! Now I’ll be able to stock the freezer for after school snacks!

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Check to make sure Delimex products are in your local store!

4. Get plenty of rest

Even though there is a lot of work involved in a move, it’s still important to make sure the kids get the proper amount of rest. Get in the sleep schedule you will need for the new school. Find out what time they will need to be in the building and then make sure the kids are able to get up in plenty of time to make the adjustment smoother.

How do you make sure your kids are prepared for the new school year? Is there anything special you do when they are starting a new school? I’d love to hear!

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