Hiking the Natural Arch, McCreary County, KY

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There are many natural arches in Kentucky but one of our favorites is located in McCreary County. There is so much to do in McCreary County and I have blogged about many of the amazing sites! From Dog Slaughter Falls, Blue Heron Mining Community, Devils Jump Overlook, Cumberland Falls and more, you just can’t do it all in one day! A few weeks ago, we drove over and spent some time at the Natural Arch! If you haven’t been here, it needs to go on your list!

Natural Arch Kentucky

Hiking the Natural Arch, McCreary County, KY

Where to find the Natural Arch: From Hwy. 27, turn west on Ky 927, & follow the signs for 2 miles.

Natural Arch


There is a parking fee where you just pay and drop your money in an envelope in a fee box.

Natural Arch

There is a large map at the parking lot. Personal tip: We always take a picture of the map so we can reference it out on the trail in case we get turned around!

Natural Arch

Natural Arch Loop Trail is located on Stearns District of the Daniel Boone National Forest. The trail begins at the parking area of Natural Arch Scenic Area and runs along a paved pathway to the base of the arch. The trail passes two scenic overlooks. At the arch, you may climb the steps to the arch and continue along a dirt pathway that loops around the northwest end of the arch. Trail #508 intersects at your right. Follow Trail #510 around the cliffline and you will return to the base of the arch.


If you take the short overlook trail to the left of the parking lot, you will find this amazing view of the Natural Arch. It’s a short, paved walk that is easily accessible with strollers.


Natural Arch


Then it’s time to go back to the right of the parking lot past the picnic table areas so you can take the trail down to the bottom of the Natural Arch.

Natural Arch

The trail down to the base of the Arch is not overly strenuous. There are some steps but it’s not a long trail. It loops around the base of the arch and then comes back up the same trail.





Natural Arch


Connect with Daniel Boone National Forest | McCreary County Tourism

Have you ever been to this Natural Arch in Whitley City, McCreary County? If you go, don’t miss these other natural sites in the area!

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  1. Ha–there was no parking fee when I went. You will also have to make it to lick creek falls–go through Whitley City. If you head from the Yamacraw Bridge, make sure you hike past the falls for a real treat.

    1. Lick Creek Falls and Princess are on our list for the next hike! We tried to find Princess one day and parked at Yamacraw bridge but didn’t go far enough. Gorgeous area for sure!

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