Celebrate National Pet Day

Tomorrow is National Pet Day! Do you have a dog, cat, pot bellied pig, horse or donkey that you love? Let’s celebrate the 4 legged creatures that make our lives special! Here our some pictures to celebrate National Pet Day and the animals we love!


Celebrate National Pet Day

Whether you have a pet now that you get to love on every day or have fond memories of a pet that was very special, we all know that pets pets enhance our lives! Do you remember your first pet? My first pet that I remember was a stray cat that we rescued from a burlap bag out on a country road in central Kentucky. She was scrawny, skinny and very ugly…. but she became our loved cat for about 15 years! We named her Hope because we gave her ‘hope’. The night after my Mom let her out of that burlap bag there was a deep freeze that would have surely killed her! Hope gave us much joy for her long life!

Give them a place to call home!

It’s up to us to provide the necessities of life for our pets. We have to teach our kids to feed them daily, give them fresh water and provide a warm, comfortable place for them to sleep. Sometimes our pets get creative when they go to sleep. Take a look at all the strange places our pets love to sleep!


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If you have ever owned a pet, you know that happiness can often be defined by the love of a dog. There is just nothing more comforting than a dog curled up by your feet or out on a walk through the woods.


Sometimes the pets you love aren’t even your own! My daughter always loved the opportunity to enjoy spending time with the ponies and horses owned by our friends!

horses march 21

See more great pet pictures!

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Do you have a pet that makes your life special? I’d love to see the pictures and stories about your favorite pet!

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