My Memories of Computers

What’s your first memory of using a computer? If you asked this question to our kids, they would look at you like you were nuts. They’ve always had computers. But if you’re at least 25, you remember the first time you realized that a computer could open your world to something big. My first memories of computers was when I was around 10. My uncle was in IT back in the days when a computer was something that took up an entire wing of the facility. He took me to his work one day and showed us the computers he worked on. They even had parts of the computers under the floor. It made quite an impression.

My Memories of Computers

My aunt and uncle also had a computer in their home that we were allowed to use when we visited. They had a game called Floppy DiskLemonade Stand. I can still remember him teaching me how to use the floppy disks so I could start the game.

Later on, I remember my Granddad having a computer when I was in my early teens. They had a game that was something like Pac Man, but it was ants. I will never forget the grainy images or the sound of the bugs saying “We Gotcha!”.

Thanks to my brother who remembered the name of that game – It was Tandy Mega-Bug!

My junior year of high school, I moved to a new school that used computers. I watched the secretaries dragging little files into a trash can on the screen. I was fascinated but didn’t have any chance to officially learn. I remember getting special permission to work in their computer lab where I was determined to learn how to use computers. I was able to design a small semi truck that could move across the screen using a line of commands. It was exciting.

College Computers

In the early 90’s, we were able to have campus mail. We could actually talk through the computers across campus! It was a fun day when we were given our user id and introduced to that world. All our papers were now done on the dorm floor computers and printed on the dot matrix printers with the paper that had to be torn apart and the edges removed.

I’m so glad that technology has evolved to the time of laptops, smart phones and ipads. I really enjoying being able to hop on Facebook and connect with friends around the world. I love email and texting. What a fun time to be a blogger!

I have to wonder though. What will technology look like in 20 years? Will we be talking by use of holograms like in Star Wars? Will our phones get bigger or smaller? Can you imagine computers bring more advanced than they are now?

What are your earliest memories of computers? I’d love to hear!

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