Favorite 10 Kids Cartoons

Every family has their favorite cartoons that have stood the test of being watched ‘3 zillion’ times without the parents throwing them in the trash. These are my favorite 10 kids cartoons that have stood the test of the past 10 years. (In other words, I can still enjoy watching them even though we’ve seen them way too many times.)

So, if you have seen way too much Sponge Bob and need some new cartoons for your kids, here’s some of our favorites. Maybe you’ll find a new one to save your sanity and become a new favorite in your house.

My Favorite 10 Kids Cartoons


Charlotte’s Web (Full Screen Edition)favorite 10 kids cartoons This childhood classic story by EB White has been one of my favorites for many years. This cartoon version is about as good a cartoon as you will find. This is a deep story of friendship between a pig, a spider and a girl.

Little People – Friendship Collectionfavorite 10 kids cartoons The Little People Discovery Dvd’s have been favorites in our house for 10 years. They are short 5 minute movies with a lesson, a song and a special group of friends. The short clips are the perfect length for the little ones. I love the fact that my kids have been able to play with the toy versions of each of these favorite characters. Maggie, Michael, Sara Lynn, Sonya Lee, Eddie….. Who’s your favorite?

Weebles – Welcome to Weebleville  The music is fun and catchy.  The characters are silly.  The lessons are priceless.  Even now my kids will say things they learned from the Weebles – “Bigger than my fears” or get caught singing the theme song.   Love the short little snippits of stories and song.

The Legend of the Three Treesfavorite 10 kids cartoons As a child my grandmother would tell us the story of the Three Trees so I was thrilled when we found this DVD version.  There are two movies on this DVD – Gigi, God’s Little Princess and The Three Trees.  We love them both.  They are slower pace movies and very relaxing – perfect for watching as the kids are calming down before bed.   These are both full of great lessons and Biblical principles.

LeapFrog: Letter Factory There are several of the Leap Frog movies that are great favorites in our house. These movies are the best teachers for young children. My kids can still sing the vowel song “A, E, I O U – They’re the vowells, they’re the glue….” and will never forget that “When 2 vowels go walking, the first one does the talking…..” I can hear it now… Can you?

Chicka Chicka Boom Boomfavorite 10 kids cartoons We love the book and love the movie. As much fun as the book is, the Scholastic movie is even better. There are about 8-10 short snippet movie clips based on popular Scholastic Books. This DVD has Rosie’s Walk, and our favorite – The Foolish Frog.

Schoolhouse Rock! We have learned so much from this DVD. We have learned about conjunctions, prepositions and how a bill becomes a law.  This is not a full length movie.  Instead it is actually a series of song sthat each teach a concept.  Warning:  some of the songs are quite addictive.    Also a great movie to use in school for learning time.

Everyone’s Hero This is a great story of how a boy, a talking baseball and a bat become heroes. There are some great songs and a bit of American history thrown in. You meet Babe Ruth and learn about one of the first African American Baseball leagues. I love the way the characters interact and learn that anyone can become a hero. This is a full length movie.

Hermie: A Common Caterpillar Max Lucado has a special way of telling a story. The characters are trying to understand why God made them so common when all around them it seems every other creation has something that makes them unique and special. This is a great lesson video that teaches us to “be patient, God’s not finished with us yet!”

What are your favorite animated cartoons or movies? I’d love to hear!

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