Visiting Muddy Pond in Monterey, TN

Recently while traveling south to visit family, we took a little side trip out to the Muddy Pond Community in Monterey, Tennessee. Muddy Pond is the home of some of the best tasting, homemade sorghum you will ever find as well as several variety and general stores with all the spices, home cooking ingredients and treats you can imagine. We were able to watch sorghum be made right in front of us and enjoy a little taste of Tennessee.

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Visiting Muddy Pond in Monterey, TN

Located about 30 minutes north of Crossville, Tennessee you take a few turns and can visit the Muddy Pond Community.

Muddy Pond Sorghum Mill

The Muddy Pond Sorghum Mill is only in operation during September and October. There is no fee to visit the mill and taste the fresh sorghum. You can buy sorghum suckers for $1.00/4 or purchase your own bottles of fresh sorghum.

sugarcane field_tn

The sugar cane is grown there in Monterey, TN. We passed by many fields full of sugar cane ready to be harvested and turned into sorghum.

When the mill is in operation you can watch the children and the horse work together to operate the machinery that turns the sugar cane into the syrup for the sorghum.

sorghum horse_tn

They boil the syrup down till it is ready to be bottled right there in the mill for visitors to purchase. They throw down the lumber to keep the mill running and then boil it down in stages till it’s ready to be bottled and sold.

sorghum tasting_tn

When you are finished there, make sure you walk across the road and visit the Variety Store. You can find tool implements, swings, yard furniture and of course every spice and cooking ingredient you can imagine.


Muddy Pond General Store

A few miles farther down the road you will come to the Muddy Pond General Store. This place has everything you need to keep you snacking and cooking for weeks! Spices, Pasta, Wheat, Candies, Homemade Apple Pies line the shelves on the first floor. Then the 2nd floor is where you will find all the home decor and personal items like tables, bird houses, quilts, bonnets, baskets and more.


It’s not about the flashy things of life out in the Muddy Pond area. It’s a more laid back lifestyle and definitely a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. We brought home our own bottle of fresh sorghum and enjoyed it with some hot biscuits for supper. I think I’m going to try some sorghum cookies soon!

Have you been to the Muddy Pond community? What’s your favorite way to enjoy sorghum? on a biscuit? In cookies? I’d love to hear!

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