Moose Caboose, BrainSpin & Water Works

What games have you been playing these last few weeks? Thanks to Winning Moves offering us these games for review, my family has tried many new games over the past few years. This past weekend, we shared a game of Uncle Wiggily and Moose Caboose. Spending a few minutes playing a board game is a great way to make memories and learn some great skills!

Moose Caboose, BrainSpin & Water Works {+Giveaway}

Water Works

Have you ever tried your hand at being a plumber? I have to admit that my one recent attempt at clearing a clogged drain in the kitchen sink didn’t go so well. But with this game called Water Works anyone can fix, repair or even sabotage the plumbing on your way to winning! This card game is a fun challenge that can take as few as 15 minutes or stretch out a little longer if you really start playing the leaking pipe cards on your opponent.


Moose Caboose

moose caboose 1

Moose Caboose is a very simple game that is sure to be a hit with the younger kids; but, I have to admit that the kids and I had way more fun playing this than we thought possible. The rules are simple and the characters are absolutely adorable.

You simply start the four trains and match up the colors with each turn. When you draw the Moose Caboose card you can choose to collect the cards for that train or play a more strategic game and wait to see if the train will get longer before you capture the cards.

This game is going in our game box so we will be prepared for the next arrival of cousins and friends!


How does your brain work? When you see the four lines of a box do you see a simple shape or do you see the blueprint for a house, a shape of a yummy brownie, or maybe the view from the top of a Christmas present? Brainspin is a simple card game that stretches your brain. You take the allotted time and see how many things you can imagine? The person with the longest original list wins the round.


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