Save for Summer Vacation with Monster Banks

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Are you planning a Summer vacation? If you are like many families, you are already dreaming and planning of the perfect way to spend some of the long, hot, sunshine filled days of Summer. Whether you have plans to drive to the beach spending your days building sandcastles and playing in the ocean, or plan to stay home and just enjoy your backyard slip and slide there are definitely going to be a few unexpected expenses. Now is the time to start saving some money to pay for your summer vacation. Let’s get the kids involved and make it a family project. How about these fun Monster Banks to get us all ready to start saving!

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Save for Summer Vacation with Monster Banks

One year, I picked up a pack of SunnyD bottles for my kids. Not only are these easy to toss in their backpack for school snacks but the bottles are the perfect size for the monster banks I wanted to make with the kids. We saved all the bottles and got ready to make Monster Banks!

How to make Monster Banks


Materials Needed

If you can dream it, you can create it!  Are you going to make a 3 eyed, spotted monster?  How about a scuba diver to chase the sea creatures?  How about a pink and green caterpillar fairy monster?    Just start creating and see what you end up with.



  • Twist pipe cleaners around the bottle to create legs, arms, neck,  antenna or glasses.
  • Wrap the bottles with foam to give them a colorful striped or solid body.
  • Use puff balls to create ears, hair or earphones.
  • Cut a hole in the back of the bottle or on the top so you can insert the coins.

How much money will a SunnyD bottle hold?

We were really curious to see how much money a bottle of SunnyD will hold. We started saving all our money last week and I bought all the coins from my kids piggy banks. Then we had a little friendly competition to guess the amounts. Each of the bottles is completely full of only one denomination coins.

guess the amount 1

How much do you think is in each bottle? Click here to find out the totals!


Now, every time we find any change in the house, car or after a purchase, we are working to fill up the rest of the bottles! We can’t wait til summer vacation to have some bonus money for a fun family adventure!

How do you plan to save for summer vacation? Got any tips? I’d love to hear and see your monster banks!

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