Monopoly Games Create Lasting Memories

What is your first memory of the game of Monopoly? Do you remember playing for hours at a time at sleepovers when you were a kid? Maybe you can remember the first time you ever got to be the banker or the excitement of landing on the Free Parking space. Did you play by the official rules or did you play by “house rules”? Monopoly is a game that brings out the best memories for many people. Memories of a simpler time where Friday nights were set aside for popcorn and long games that lasted well into the night. Here are some memories shared by my friends and bloggers about Monopoly through the years.


Monopoly Games Create Lasting Memories

I can remember my brother and his friend who had an ongoing game of Monopoly that lasted for weeks. They would just leave it out and play a little every day.

I remember playing Monopoly with our friends when we had sleepovers with our friends from church. I found this picture but I can’t remember who was winning.

My friend Carrie from Huppie Mama shared this memory from when she was a child. I remember playing very competitively at a really young age. I actually have a diary entry from when I was about 8 or 9 that I was beating one of my neighborhood friends at it. She took a picture of her diary entry from October 1988 and gave me permission to share.

Tessa J from Kentucky shared this memory: I grew up going to a day care that was run by a woman and her mother.  She used to take all her “big” kids as she called us and we would have day long and week long Monopoly tournments. The only rule being is that if you started a game you couldn’t quit until you where out of the game. And if you tried to cheat or “throw” a game to get out sooner, she would rig the bank so that you had to stay in longer. We had so much fun! We would try to cheat, lie, steal, cry, beg to stay in or get out. It was the best!

Monopoly Deal


If you love the game of Monopoly but don’t like to play for hours, you may find that Monopoly Deal is perfect for you. This card game allows you to collect your properties, charge rent and even add houses and hotels, but the game is much faster. It’s portable and perfect for when you really want to play Monopoly but don’t have an entire night.

Monopoly on your Mobile Device

When we were traveling on vacation and ended up stuck in traffic for many hours, the game of Monopoly saved the day. The kids were able to play Monopoly and didn’t realize how long we were just sitting in the van!

Specialty Versions of Monopoly

Many Monopoly fans have branched out and added other specialty versions of the classic game to their collection. Since we have avid Star Wars fans in our home, we, of course, had to add the Monopoly Star Wars .


Margy from Tennessee shares this memory:

While we took my middle child to college orientation this week, my oldest and youngest stayed back at home and their goal was to complete a full game of Monopoly. It took 2 1/2 days! Our family currently owns the original version, the Disney version, and the Lord of the rings version!

What memories do you have of playing Monopoly through life? I’d love to hear!

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  1. The picture that you posted here looks just like my family when we were younger. There were six of us kids and we did not have video games and computers when we were young. We did have all kinds of games though and Monopoly was one of our favorites. I was usually the Banker because I insisted! lol

  2. My favorite memory of monopoly is when our kids were 12 and 10. We always played games on family night .My husband was in his regular silly mood our daughter was drinking her milk and my husband did some thing silly and our daughter was laughing so hard milk came flying out her nose all over the game. Well then we all were laughingso hard we had tears in oureyes .lol

  3. Our neighborhood Monopoly games lasted all day in the summertime! They were such great fun. My friends all went for Boardwalk and Park Place. I found that the best strategy was to buy up as many cheaper properties (landed on more frequently) and break their banks with rent charged every time they moved on the board. We were strictly cut-throat and had many summer days full of fun. Sometimes the “rules” were a bit fuzzy.

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