Monopoly for the Road

Does your family enjoy playing Monopoly? My kids have discovered how to play Monopoly while we are traveling. Monopoly for the Road is no longer dependent on a board, hundreds of paper bills or cards with property names. This app allows the kids to enjoy interactive play even while we are traveling.

Monopoly for the Road

A few weeks ago we were on a summer road trip and ended up stopped on the interstate for 2 hours. The kids had no problem while we were stuck. They just played Monopoly for the majority of the time. We were just glad they didn’t run out of battery power.

Monopoly for the Road

If you are a true fan of the classic Monopoly, you may have a hard time making the switch to an app version of the board game. But for my kids, apps like this allow them to enjoy cooperative games even when we’re out on the road.

Monopoly for the road

You can download Monopoly from itunes or on your mobile device. (Cost .99)

What is your favorite app that is based on a traditional board game. I’d love to hear!

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  1. What a great way to keep the kiddos entertained! One of the worst things about road trips with kids is when kids are bored!!

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