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Moms Need a Plan for Back to School

There’s alot of tips for helping kids get ready for back to school. But what about the Moms who are sending their babies to the first day of kindergarten or finally having all the kiddos in school at the same time? For some Moms, it’s the first time they have had the house to themselves for 8 hours at a time in many years. Sending the kids back to school can cause some mixed emotions. Here are some tips to help Moms readjust and get ready for a new chapter in their life. A simple plan for back to school can help you make the transition.

moms need a plan

Moms Need a Plan for Back to School

If it’s the first day of Kindergarten for a new Mom, it may be a day for some tough emotions. Don’t be embarrassed if you shed a few tears. It can be an emotional thing to send your kids off to preschool or kindergarten for the first time or start the first day of their senior year. But be proactive and do something that will help you get past the emotions.

If you are starting back to work, then you may have a built in support system with your coworkers. But if you are working from home or staying at home while the kids are in school, you may have to be a little more creative.

Get Active

This may be the first time in many years that you can actually be alone for an extended period of time. Go for a bike ride, take a walk, go for a run or sign up for some gym time. This is a great opportunity to focus on your personal health without having to push a stroller, carry a baby in a sling or keep an eye on little bikes with training wheels.

Meet Friends for Breakfast

With a little extra time in your morning, plan for some time with other friends. You can cry together, laugh a bunch and make plans for a new adventure in life. Even if you have to squeeze in a coffee break between a new work schedule, make time for friends. It will enhance your life and make everything you do more productive.

Go Grocery Shopping

I don’t know about you, but most kids hate to have to spend time in the stores looking for groceries. Use the time when the kids are in school to do the grocery shopping and get all the errands done without little kids in the cart. You may even want to pull out your coupons that you used to use and find some ways to save money while you are shopping. It’s much easier to concentrate on your shopping when you aren’t juggling 3 kids.

Clean House

It’s always easier to clean house when the family is not under foot. Spend some time getting the laundry done and the house clean but set a time limit. If all you do each day is clean house, you will go crazy. Work efficiently on your housework but then move on to something more enriching.

Start a New Chapter

Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Whether you wanted to take art classes, music lessons, read a brand-new book, learn a new craft, exercise, start a new job or brush off a dusty career – do something that gives you a purpose. One problem Moms with young children often experience is that they lose touch with who they are as a person. So much time is spent pouring their life into the children that they don’t know the person they used to be. With the kids in school, it’s time to reinvest in yourself.

Are you starting a new chapter in life? How are you going to be proactive in this new start? I’d love to hear!

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This article first appeared in the print edition of the Advocate Messenger. August 10, 2014.

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