Moments of Beauty

I love our flower gardens. There is just something so beautiful about walking out in my own yard and seeing beauty like this. We plant a few more bulbs each fall and wait for moments that awe and inspire. I knew there were many of you who would enjoy these moments of beauty as well.

Moments of Beauty

make every moment count
moments of beauty

I’m keeping a flower journal so you can take a virtual tour of my flowers and enjoy them all season.

What’s your favorite spring flower? I’d love to see what’s in bloom in your yard.

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  1. Love that Natalie is involved in your green thumb projects. I have my Grandmother Oldham’s and my mother’s old cast-iron skillets. They were way too heavy for me to use for cooking, so Randy drilled several holes in the bottoms, spray-painted them black, and I put them on my back porch. Planted allyssium in one, and hens and chickens in the other. (Liner under them so they won’t rust on the concrete.) Now I enjoy 2 planters that I repurposed, and they always remind me of my mom and grandmother!

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