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Why this Mom Loves Video Games


Video games are a standard part of many peoples lives. Whether you are a child learning to play games and apps on a mobile device, a middle school boy who lives and breathes Minecraft, a college student playing old school Nintendo or a mom who can play it all – some people absolutely love and live for video games.

Today on the #30DaysofHobbies I’m featuring one of my best friends who just so happens to be my sister-in-law! Tonya and I have a lot of things in common but a love for video games is not one of them.

Tonya is proof that video games can help heal, build connections and relieve stress.

Why this Mom Loves Video Games

Tonya was 15 years old when she was diagnosed with a serious brain tumor that required several weeks in the hospital. Several members of her church got together and bought her a Nintendo game system. She was able to play for a few days before the extended hospital stay. This gave her something of a distraction from the reality of what she was facing. It also helped her through some long weeks of recovery being able to escape into a make believe world of Mario and begin to heal.

Her love for video games just continued to grow from there. As a college student she enjoyed playing video games and learning to conquer the different worlds of Mario and other Nintendo games.

After she was married, she used video games to help fill some long hours while her husband was working multiple jobs and serving in the military. Once her son was born, Tonya and Caleb were able to connect through video games. Caleb has always has always been a very athletic son. She spent many hours on the sports field helping him practice and watching him play, but he quickly outgrew her skills. When he was in 3rd grade and hit a line drive that connected with her shin, she realized they needed to find a new way to connect and spend time together. They discovered that they both love to conquer and compete on video games. This connection has continued even to this day. With her son being a senior in high school and her daughter in middle school, gaming has kept them connected.

Tonya and her family!
Tonya and her family!

Not only does Tonya get to stay connected with her own teenagers but also with their friends. Even the middle school teenagers that she works with at the church on a regular basis know that they can always find a connection points with Tonya by playing video games. This gives her a unique opportunity to mentor and be a positive influence on teenagers in their growing years.

What are her favorite games?

Tonya loves the LEGO video games; in fact she has all of them – Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Batman…. She is careful to find every hidden canister, point or reward. It’s not enough to just conquer the level. She loves the games that tell a story like Call of Duty, Tomb Raider and other adventure games.

Tonya loves to solve puzzles. She sees video games as an extension of completing puzzles. Video games offer many opportunities to stretch your mind and solve puzzles.

tonya and minnie mouse

Tips for Saving Money on Video Games

Never buy a new game. Video games start around $60. This is way too expensive to spend the money. Instead, wait a little while and buy it when it goes on sale. If you have other friends who love to play video games as well, then work together. Once you conquer your game, swap it with a friend who has already finished or completed. Keep a record of who is borrowing which game so you don’t accidentally lose them. Just make sure the other person takes care of the games the same way you do. Keep the games in the case when you aren’t playing and watch for fingerprints and scratches.

Do you love to play video games? What is your favorite game? I’d love to hear your tips!

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  1. Tonya still plays video games, some of them are app driven and some are game system driven. The app games are even harder to keep her on a budget.

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