Mellow Mushroom Paducah Kentucky

When you head to a new city, one of the top things on your mind after a full day of adventure is where to eat. We love finding the places that tell the story of the community and reflect the local culture. Mellow Mushroom in Paducah, Kentucky is the perfect blend of good food, family fun, local art appreciation and a story of revitalization and community. Located in the old Coke Plant, this restaurant is more than just a pizza-shop.

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Mellow Mushroom Historic Paducah

Mellow Mushroom Paducah Kentucky

When you eat at Mellow Mushroom in Paducah, Kentucky you are guaranteed to get a great meal. But there is much more at Mellow Mushroom than just pizza.

Mellow Mushroom - paducah Kentucky

Mellow Mushroom in Paducah, Kentucky is located in the historic Coke Plant building and represents all the good things that can happen in a community when you take historic buildings and new ideas and merge them into something amazing!

Coke Plant Mellow Mushroom Paducah Kentucky

About the Coke Building

The Coke Plant is a historic building that sat in abandoned ruin for many years till members of the community came in and decided to restore it to its original beauty and bring in local businesses, restaurants and classes to revitalize this area of the city. All the original flooring, wood work and art deco pieces have been preserved so you can appreciate the history while enjoying the new touches that have been added.

Coke Plant Paducah Kentucky

As you walk through the building, you see so many things that tell the story of this historic building.

Coke Plant Paducah Kentucky

Even the new decorations and furniture that have been added to the restaurants speak to the attention to detail and love for the community. Like this table – Notice the amazing woodworking and bowtie joints in the seating areas and bar!

bow tie joints on table in Mellow Mushroom

The owner of Mellow Mushroom took us on a tour and showed us some of the unique things that make this Mellow such a special place. He told us of how the owners found original documents from the Coke Plant and worked together to create a unique wallpaper that tell the history of the Paducah Kentucky Coke Plant.

Wallpaper History in Coke Plant Mellow Mushroom

One of the eating nooks in the restaurant has unique wallpaper that is a reproduction of some of the documents which the Mellow Mushroom design team then developed into a wallpaper telling the story of Luther Carson, the Paducah Kentucky Coke plant and entrepreneurial spirit. If you look closely, you will see some gem like this one from Luther Carson to his brother that says this: ‘Dear brother, we’re broke. Please tell dad to cash the land bond. Need that $700 now!’”

And of course, throughout the restaurant you will see works of art by local artists on rotating display.

Art by Local Artists at Mellow Mushroom

If you get there at the right time, you may even get the opportunity to sit at this unique, one of a kind nickel topped table! Now that’s not something you see at every restaurant!

nickel table at Mellow Mushroom

The city of Paducah is a growing city with creative opportunities all around. Whether you are interested in creating your own artistic masterpiece at MAKE Paducah or ready to be inspired at the National Quilt Museum, you are going to love this city!

Mellow Mushroom Paducah

Mellow Mushroom

3121 Broadway St
Paducah, KY 42001

Heading to Paducah? Make sure you check out the National Quilt Museum and MAKE Paducah!

New Quilts from an Old Favorite:  Bow Tie
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