There’s Something About Dad {and Coffee!}

There’s just something about Dad {and coffee}. Now, don’t get me wrong. If you know me at all, you know that my Mom and I are very close. We talk regularly on the phone and look for any excuse to get together and discover new things. But, you can probably agree, that there is just something special about Dad! My Dad is the first one to get on the floor and wrestle with my kids. He’s the first one to call when the University of Kentucky gets beat (not to offer support, but to rub it in since he’s a huge UofL fan!). When life gets a little crazy, we can always count on Dad to just be the solid strength we need. When it comes to Dad, I think 3 words: flexible, steady and …. coffee?!

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something about dads

There’s Something About Dad {and Coffee}

As a child, we would travel alot! Every year we would pile up in the big station wagon with the pop-up camper hooked up. Our bikes would be loaded and we’d have plenty of books to get us half way across the country. We would leave hours before sun-up with Mom and Dad rotating drivers every 2 hours while my brother, sister and I slept in the back of the wagon.

I will never forget waking up in the wee hours of the morning, stopping in at Dad’s favorite local chain restaurant to fill up his cup of coffee for his next shift of driving. Even now, as an adult, if I hop in the car to go somewhere with Dad, the car just seems to know where the closest cup of coffee is.

Over the years, we always make a point to take some pictures and enjoy our time together as a family!


Whether Dad is spending time with us adult kids, or wrestling and being silly with the grandkids, this is one Papaw who loves his family! But he sure does love a good cup of coffee too!

papaw and grandkids

Now that I am grown, I have inherited his love for coffee and always make sure I have a cup ready for him as soon as he walks in the door. Of course, since I have a Keurig, it is even easier to bring him his favorite McCafé coffee.

This past week, I got a package of McCafé coffee just in time for the holiday celebrations. I am “practicing” now so I’ll be ready with the perfect blend when I see Mom and Dad in just a few days. Because after all, you can’t let this perfectly yummy coffee just sit here without testing it out!

mccafe coffee

About McCafé Coffee

The McCafé coffee is a premium quality coffee made from 100% Arabica Beans. There are 8 flavors to choose from including the Hazelnut and Columbian Blend. You can purchase the McCafé Coffee from Walmart in pods or in the premium bags. The pods give me the convenience of instant brew and let you control how much coffee I use for each cup in my Keurig.



How do you celebrate the special moments of life with the people you love? Do you brew a fresh cup of coffee with your Keurig? I’d love to hear your favorite coffee moment traditions with your family!

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  1. Sharon, your article about your Dad and coffee really hit home. I, too, spent a lot of time with my Dad, talking about anything and everything as we drank many cups of coffee together, especially during his last five years. The memories are priceless and your blog brought them back. Thank you for that.
    I wasn’t aware of the coffee demonstrations at Walmart. Thanks for the heads-up on that. You will find us enjoying one of these demos tomorrow. Thanks again for sharing your insightful writing with us. Barbara

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