Mason Jar Tumbler with Infusible Ink & Vinyl

I have been loving creating mugs and tumblers with infusible ink and the Cricut Mug Press but I also love mixing things up just a bit. This weekend I decided to try to add some permanent vinyl to my latest creation. I wanted to see whether the two different mediums would work well together. What do you think? Have you ever used vinyl on top of infusible ink?

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Mason Jar Tumbler with Infusible Ink & Vinyl

I’ve tried double ‘baking’ infusible ink mugs and have learned several things. It works fairly well but when you add the 2nd or third layer of infusible ink and rebake, not only does the original color start to fade but it is also hard to see the 2nd color. Another issue with double baking is that you can often see the heat transfer tape outline. By using the vinyl for the new layer of color, there’s another whole world that opens up.



Create your base layer on your tumbler or mug with infusible ink. I decided to use the black and white flower botanical flower pattern for my base. Cut the infusible ink to fit your tumbler and insert it in the Mug Press. Remember to rotate your tumbler about halfway through the process since the tumblers will be printed all the way around.

  • While you are baking the infusible ink, print your design on permanent vinyl.
  • Weed the excess vinyl.
  • Use transfer paper to move the design.

When the Mug Press is complete, carefully remove it. Remember that the metal tumbler will be very hot. Let it cool completely before adding the vinyl design.

Place your design on your tumbler and use a credit card or burnish tool to transfer the design.

**The infusible ink will last almost forever but the vinyl may start to peel over time so you probably want to handwash this tumbler instead of place it in the dishwasher.

What do you think? Have you ever tried using vinyl on top of infusible ink? I’d love to see your finished products!

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