Mason Jar Covers with HTV & Denim


Remember the homemade simmer pot potpourri I made a few weeks ago? I decided to make some more and share with a few other family members this week and I wanted to make jar covers using HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and some scrap denim. This project took about 15 minutes from start to finish and I was able to make several jars to share this week. All you need is some scrap denim, a mason jar, and iron-on vinyl and you can personalize the gift for each person.

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Mason Jar Covers with HTV & Denim

I love sharing homemade gifts that show thought. Sure, it’s easier to stop by the store or buy something online, but giving a gift that you create is just a little more fun. Here is how to create simple jar covers using scrap denim, heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and your Cricut Joy.



I love using my Cricut Joy to create small projects like this. It is so easy to choose a small design on your phone and print it to the Joy. Decide which color you want to use and cut a piece of vinyl. Remember to mirror your design before you cut.

While the vinyl is cutting/printing on the Joy, trace your jar ring on the denim and cut out your circle. Sure, you can probably cut the fabric on the Joy but for this project, I decided to just use scissors.

Weed out the excess vinyl and lay it on your denim circle. Use your Mini Easy Press to quickly transfer the design to the denim scraps. Screw on the lid and denim label and you are set.

Finish up the gift with a piece of jute twine tied around the rim.

Do you enjoy sharing homemade gifts? Got any favorites that you created this holiday season? I’d love to see what you are making!

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