March Reading Challenge Update

Can you believe it’s almost April? This year is flying by! I have finished three books this year and am working on several more. Many people I know follow a pattern and try to keep three books on their current reading list – one book just for fun, one book to make you think and one book that helps improve one of your hobbies. Here’s a look at some of what I have read and what’s on my bookshelf right now.

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March Reading Challenge Update

This past month, I finished reading Unknown Threat by Lynn H. Blackburn

When US Secret Service Special Agent Luke Powell went out for a quick run at the local park that Monday morning, he didn’t realize he would become a target and his life would change forever. When his friend FBI Special Agent Faith Malone was assigned as lead to find the killer who has been targetting his fellow Secret Service Agents, everything got complicated. Not only is Luke unconvinced that she can do the job but his past history doesn’t lead him to trust the FBI.

As the story unfolds, more agents are targetted leaving Faith, Luke and the full team to find the killer before another agent is killed.

Unknown Threat is a squeaky clean, easy read with enough mystery and suspense to keep you engaged in the story.

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Mindset by Carol S Dweck

Another book I am in the middle of reading is Mindset by Carol S Dweck Ph.D. I have joined in with some coworkers as we read this book and discovered how our growth vs fixed mindset can have an impact on our work, family and relationships.

People with a fixed mindset—those who believe that abilities are fixed—are less likely to flourish than those with a growth mindset—those who believe that abilities can be developed. Mindset reveals how great parents, teachers, managers, and athletes can put this idea to use to foster outstanding accomplishment.

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The Modern Homestead Garden

This past year many people have started gardening and growing their food. Whether you have 50 acres in the countr, an apartment in the city or a live in the suburbs, having a homestead mindset is something that we can all improve on. Each of us can find ways to live a more sustainable life and be more independent. If you are a beginner looking to plant your first garden beds or looking for ways to cook and preserve your harves, this is another great resource to help you grow your homestead mindset.

  • Practical advice to site and build your very first homestead garden
  • Crop profiles to get you growing quickly 
  • Cost-effective ways to source seeds and plants 
  • The low-down on feeding plants in an earth-friendly way
  • Methods for preparing planting beds and containers
  • Soil prep advice every homesteader can use 
  • All natural trouble-shooting solutions 
  • How to include berries, cane fruits, vine crops, and fruit trees in your homestead plans
  • Food preservation advice that’s easy and delicious

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What are you reading right now? Got any great books that you think I would enjoy? I’d love to hear!

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