March Greenhouse Update

With the first days of Spring, gardening in the unheated greenhouse is starting to change. I’m starting to switch my thinking from how to just keep my plants alive to how can I help them grow and thrive. This experiment I started back in October has brought me great joy all winter long; now it’s time to learn how to use a greenhouse in the warmer months of spring and into summer.

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March Greenhouse Update

Both of our adopted cats love sneaking into the greenhouse with me when I come out to water the flowers. I think they enjoy the warmth as much as I do. My pansies that I bought in November are still beautiful and blooming constantly. They were a great $5.00 purchase from the clearance rack in Lowes.


The carrots have done amazing this winter. I can’t wait for a little while longer so I can try to transplant them and give them a new place to grow. They are so full in the pot but I need to wait just a little bit longer.


The mint is growing and I’m excited to see it take over the whole pot in the next few weeks. I’m already excited about the possibilities for using mint in my water and some projects/recipes.

Seed Starter Tray

I moved my seed starter tray out to the greenhouse this month and am excited to watch these seeds start to sprout. I’ve been using the mist spray bottle so I don’t overwater or drown the seeds.


I moved the three stalks of celery out of the water bowls into the dirt and 2 of them are living. The third one shriveled up a few days ago when the greenhouse got overheated. I’m hoping that these two will keep on growing!


Throughout the winter months it was a daily experiment to keep it warm but now that the temperatures are starting to climb a bit outside, I have to remember each day to open the doors and window so the heat stays under control. I took out the bubble wrap insulation early in the month and have found that many days the temperature is climbing to over 100° inside.

I have planted a couple of potatoes in pots and have one that is looking really promising. I have covered it twice already with straw and additional potting soil. I’m hopeful that this one will continue to grow!

What are you growing in your greenhouse or gardens this month? I’d love to hear!

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