What Makes Fishing Special?


What makes fishing so special? Why do fisherman get excited to haul out the rod and reel, a bucket of worms or their special baits only to get just a few nibbles? It really doesn’t matter to some people if they catch a mess of fish or just a few to throw back in the lake, they just want to be out there fishing. I’ve been fishing a few times in my life. In fact, I have my own rod and reel and have even caught a few fish in my time. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the act of fishing is only half the reason people fish.

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What makes fishing Special?

If you have ever spent time out on the bank fishing with your kids, you know why fishing is an important part of many people’s hobby life. It’s quiet time with family. Uninterrupted time out by a body of water where you can hear the wind through the trees, the slap of the water on the bank and the excitement and yes even competition of landing the biggest fish.

It’s the most “boring” time you will ever love when you get out there with a rod and reel and start waiting for the floater to move telling you that the fish are starting to bite.

It’s the most memorable time when your kids get the lines tangled and knotted up – for the umpteenth time. But the stories of how the kids kept Dadddy from fishing the whole day will be treasured for years.

Fishing is the most relaxing time as you watch the sun sink below the waters edge and you pack up and head home. This is not something new. I love this picture of my Grandma back in the 50’s enjoying time on the fishing pier with three of her boys. Just a reminder that time spent fishing is never wasted.

The cost of fishing

Fishing can cost as much or as little as you want to invest. You can buy all your fishing supplies from the local box stores and specialty sports stores or you look online and buy all your fishing and boating supplies. If you are just getting started, look on Facebook marketplace, search out yardsales deals or just ask a friend. Of course, some people just use the cane pole from the garage with some fishing line and try their luck. Whether you spend top dollar on the latest gear, or just head out with what you have, get out there and enjoy fishing and make some memories this weekend.

Need a gift idea for someone who loves fishing?

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves fishing? I’ve got some great ideas for both practical use and fun as well!

Smelly Proof Reusable Storage Bags are not only great for storing everything from dirty tennis shoes after hiking through the mud to your fresh catch when you bring it home for dinner. These reusable bags are tougher than standard plastic bags and can be used again and again. They come in multiple sizes and are a perfect gift idea for for the outdoor lover but are also perfect for kitchen storage or kids gym bags.

Who doesn’t love socks? “I’d Rather Be Fishing” Socks from Lavley are the perfect practical and fun way to remind everyone around you that you love to spend time fishing. The fishing lures pattern blends right into whatever activity you’re heading to. These socks remind everyone that “I’d Rather be Fishing.”

Do you enjoy fishing? Are you an expert or a dabbler? I’d love to hear why you love fishing!

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  1. I don’t love fishing…but I do love this post! Your descriptions of the family time down by the water and all the stories that will be treasured for years to come…terrific memories came to mind as I read. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. My son loves fishing he goes with his dad most of the time when he goes, but my son has been fishing since he was about 2 he loves it I don’t know whyn but it’s so relaxing too and we go camping every year up in Otter Lake PA and he loves to just fish all day long it’s so great.

  3. my kids have been fishing with my dad everytime we go to visit my parents, since they were toddlers. we always catch weird things like turtles

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