Make your Cut Flowers Last Longer

I love fresh cut flowers on my counter. But they don’t last forever. And inevitably, some flowers will wilt and die faster than others.

But don’t worry.  There is a very simple tip to taking your arrangement from wilted and worn out to a beautiful new centerpiece.

Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

When you first get a flower arrangement delivered or you pick a fresh bouquet out of your flower gardens, everything is perfectly fresh and in bloom. Arrangements like this make you smile and remind you that life is good.

flowers vase

But in just a few days, your beautiful fresh arrangement may begin to look like this…..

dead flowers

No problem. Here’s a tip I learned years ago from a TV show. Just pull out anything that is still living and put them in a smaller vase. You can keep downsizing your arrangement and enjoy your fresh arrangement for several extra days.

vase small

Got any tips to extend the life of your fresh flowers? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I just clean and refill the vase with clean water and set it in the middle of the table… When my husband sees it.. he knows what to do. 🙂 LOL

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