How to Make a Spring Popup Flower

This last week we were snowed in (again) and my daughter decided she wanted to make a craft to share with you here on Hobbies on a Budget. She came up with an idea, gathered her supplies, staged the pictures and planned the post. So today, I am honored to welcome my 9 year old daughter with this craft idea.

spring flower

How to Make a Spring Popup Flower

Materials Needed

Construction Paper
Glue Stick


Gather your supplies.


Use green construction paper (or scrapbook paper) for grass.


Make the Sun

To make the sun, use small strips of yellow for the sunrays and scrunched up pieces of yellow paper to make the middle.

flwoer popup

Make the Flower

Cut the shape of your flower and attach a center with a different color.

pink flower

Make the Stem

To make the stem, trim a long skinny piece of green paper.

flower cut

Fold the strip of paper back and forth, then attach it for the flower stem.

flower stem
flower 1

Create the flower craft with your own ideas. I’d love to see what you do with this idea!

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Natalie is a 3rd grader who loves horses, music and spending time with family.

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