Be a Kid! Make some Fun!

Kids know how to have fun! They see a hill: they know they are supposed to roll down it! They see a creek: they throw rocks and make a splash. Kids see a field: they take off running. We need to learn from their example. So here’s some pictures to help get you remembering how much fun it is to be a Kid! Make some Fun!

Be a Kid – Make some Fun!

A few weekends ago we spent some time with our cousins. The kids had a ball rolling down the hill, collecting cool rocks and hiking down by the creek. The fun part is that I was out there with them. We almost fell in the creek but we had so much fun searching for a way to cross.

Make some Fun

So next time you see an open field, don’t think about your next shopping trip or how much laundry needs to be done. Grab a camera and your children and be a kid! Make some fun!

Kids don’t even have to be outside to make some fun. Sometimes all they need is a box! Check out these pictures and posts showing how kids can have fun in a box!

What’s your most fun memory being a kid? I’d love to hear your fun memories and experiences!

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