How to Make an R2-D2 Valentines Day Box

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Have you and your kids been to see the latest Star Wars movie this season? Valentine’s Day is almost here and there’s plenty time to turn into the coolest Mom in the Galaxy and create this R2-D2 Valentines Day Box for your Star Wars fanatic! It’s not nearly as hard as it sounds! If you can use a glue gun, a can of spray paint and a little creativity, you’ll have this project done in just a few hours!

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We got our inspiration for how R2D2 should look from the cover of one of the kids books Art2-D2’s Guide to Folding and Doodling.

How to Make an R2-D2 Valentines Day Box

To make an R2-D2 Valentines Day box, you don’t need a high crafty skill level. You just need some imagination and a love for Star Wars. And of course you want to make sure you have some Star Wars Valentines Cards for your child to pass out to all their friends.

r2d2 valentines box

Materials Needed

Empty Box
2 Water Bottles
3 Empty KCups (optional – but they do look cool)
Hot Glue Gun (optional – Gorilla Glue)
White spray paint
Red construction paper
Aluminum Foil
Construction Paper
Pipe Cleaner


  • Cut the 2 flaps on top of the box to shape the head of R2D2.
  • Glue the water bottles to the side of the box. Hot glue works well, but I also used Gorilla Glue to make sure they were secure.
  • Attach the KCups for the feet.
  • Spray the whole thing white.
  • Use aluminum foil to cover the front head flap.
  • Cut some blue accent pieces.  Attach with a glue stick.
  • Cut a slit in the Kcup and the bottom of the box so you can insert the pipe cleaner.
  • Attach a red circle to the front.



Tips to Remember

  • The KCups are optional, but we think they added a nice touch for the legs.
  • Remove the label from the water bottle.  I forgot to remove one and you can see it under the paint.

Is this R2D2 Valentines Box perfect? Of course not! But my son and I really enjoyed working on it together! He is super proud of our joint masterpiece – and that’s what matters!

I think it turned out quite nice. What do you think? Ready to make your own? I’d love to see what you come up with for your kids Valentine’s Day party!

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