How to Make a Karaoke Valentines Day Box

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My daughter loves music. Last year she made a Grand Piano Valentines Day Box but this year she decided she wanted a karaoke machine! So of course – we made it! I have to admit that this Karaoke Valentines Day Box was about the easiest one we have made yet.

Since she is in 3rd grade, I did the basics and let her do the rest. Take a look at how she turned a shoe box into a convincing karaoke machine with just a little paint, some decorations and an extra toy microphone! Now all we need is to crank up the music and let her rock!

How to Make a Karaoke Valentines Day Box


Materials Needed

Shoe Box
Black Spray Paint
Toy Microphone
Aluminum Foil
Hot Glue Gun
Slap Bracelet
Decorative Paper/Stickers (optional)


  • Tape the box closed.
  • Cut a slit in the top for the Valentines Day Cards.
  • Tape off a rectangle on the front top of the box.
  • Paint the entire box.
  • Remove the tape.
  • Cover some knobs, buttons or checkers with aluminum foil. Attach them to the front however you like.
karaoke knobs 1
karaoke microphone
  • Cut a slit in the side of the box and slide the slap bracelet into the box. Let it curl around and then secure it with a paper clip so you have a microphone holder.
  • Pop the cord of the microphone into the box so it looks like it is plugged in.
  • Add some words or decorative paper to the screen area on the front of the box.
karaoke natalie

Tips to Remember

If you’re going to cover the screen with decorative paper, there’s no reason to tape off the rectangle. But my daughter wasn’t sure which way she wanted to decorate so I left our options open.

What do you think? Have you ever made a karaoke machine like this? Got any tips? I’d love to see what you make for this Valentine’s Day!

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