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5 Ways to Love our Earth


I’m not a green, crunchy Mom. I don’t buy organic vegetables or drive a hybrid car, but I do love the world I live in. I want to be kind to the environment and do my part to recycle. Last week I had the opportunity to read Make Garbage Great: The Terracycle Family Guide to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle and now I’m inspired. Here are 5 ways that I am working to love the earth!

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5 Ways to Make Garbage Great

1. Think about your drink container:

I drink water all day while I’m working and am often tempted to just grab a plastic bottle out of the refrigerator. But my favorite choice is a glass that I can rinse and reuse. I can drop in a slice of lemon and a few ice cubes for a refreshing drink without wasting a plastic bottle.

If I am heading down to the treadmill or out to my backyard office, I have a reusable metal bottle that keeps my water cold and won’t spill.

Who helps you work during the day? 

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When we travel, we use plastic water bottles, but we make an effort to recycle them. There are some tradeoffs that I feel are worth it. If I can get my family drinking water when we travel, I will gladly let them use a plastic bottle even though we have to recycle the bottle.

2. Recycle the Easy Things:

Aluminum cans, plastic bottles and newspapers are easy things to recycle. These items don’t cause a stink in the garage and don’t take up a lot of space. If we all would recycle these easy items, we would make an impact on the dump piles in our communities.

Collect Toothbrushes:
Now this may seem like an odd idea, but I’m very intrigued by the idea of collecting toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss containers. I have worked with a company called TerraCycle for several years collecting juice packs. TerraCycle will take your recycled items and turn them into amazing products. Not only do they collect toothbrushes, but you can also recycle hair care products, office supplies, snack food packaging and more. By donating your items, you can earn money for the charity of your choice. Be watching for an innovative way that Hobbies on a Budget will be partnering with local area dentists to make a difference in the smiles of our community!

You can read all about TerraCycle and their collection brigades here.

3. Paper or Plastic? Neither:

I am not the poster child for reusable shopping bags, but I try. We keep an insulated cooler bag in our van year round. That way when we transport frozen or cold groceries I don’t have to use an extra bag from the freezer section. I try to use cloth grocery bags when I go to the fruit market or transport items to a function. I have found that if I keep the reusable bags in the vehicle I am more likely to actually use them. This is one of my goals for this Fall!

Tip: If you are like me and have a huge collection of plastic grocery bags, get more than one use out of that bag. These bags fit perfect in bathroom trashcans and save you the cost of buying small trashbags!

4. Be a Trash Collector Everyday:

I don’t know about you, but I hate seeing chip bags or coke cans littering the ground around me. If you spend much time around me or my family, you will see us pick up random pieces of trash as we are walking from one place to another. Sometimes when we are hiking, we will end up bringing out random trash that other hikers have dropped on the trail.

Tip: Keep an extra plastic grocery bag in your vehicle so you can gather up trash as you see it in your daily life.

5. Create Something with Trash

I love M&M’s and SNICKERS®! After I read this book, I started saving some of my candy wrappers to create this bag. What do you think? Not bad for my first creation! Be watching for a full tutorial tomorrow with tips to create a bag using candy wrappers!


Here’s a challenge for you: What can you create with trash? I want to see your creation!

What easy ways do you try to be kind to the environment? Are you working to reduce your impact on the resources we have? I’d love to hear!


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  1. Okay, so I visited the TerraCycle website. I am ALL over this! I run a leadership club at school. They could collect this stuff in the lunchroom!

  2. I am headed over to read about TerraCycle right now. Not something I had heard of before–thanks for sharing!

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