Love Locks on the Purple People Bridge

A few weeks ago, our family drove up to the Newport, Kentucky area and walked across the Purple People Bridge that crosses the Ohio River. Not only was it a gorgeous walk across the river from Kentucky into Ohio, but we also discovered the many Love Locks that represent so many memories.


Love Locks on the Purple People Bridge

The view of the Cincinnati skyscape is gorgeous from the Newport side of the Purple People Bridge. When you go, wear your walking shoes so you can spend some time taking in the scenery and get some walking in too!


One of the neatest things about the Purple People Bridge is the Love Locks that line the walkway. All across the world there are bridges where people leave locks showing their love and devotion. You can buy special locks with engravings of names and dates or just use a common lock from the local hardware store.

3 in a row locks_tn

We saw locks of all sizes, shapes and colors. There were single locks with a couple’s name and an engagement date as well as groupings of locks probably from family reunions or anniversaries.

lock 1_tn

This Ohio River pedestrian bridge crosses from the Southbank of Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Northbank of Newport, Kentucky, and has been in existence since 1886.

This historical structure, called the Purple People Bridge is a local attraction that is a wonderful source of pride and identity for the surrounding communities.

lock 2_tn

We saw two locks that had used a chain to make the shape of a heart!

lock 3_tn

The kids were as intrigued as we were. The more we studied the locks, the more variety we found!

studying locks_tn

Which is your favorite lock? Would you use a combination lock or a key lock?

Have you walked across the Purple People Bridge in Newport, Kentucky? Maybe you have even left a love lock on the bridge! Wouldn’t it be ironic if I saw your love lock?

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  1. I would use a key lock & toss the key in the river while making a wish. So romantic! But not very good for the river I suppose..

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