Let’s Go Fly a Kite

While on vacation a few weeks ago, the kids and I picked up 3 cheap kites from Walmart. We “invested” less than $3.50 in the hope and anticipation of having our kites soar on the beach. We had almost as much fun with the planning and thinking about the activity as in the actual 15 minutes of flying the kites.

We put the kites together and headed down to the beach. There was a huge wind coming off the ocean so the first kite went up immediately. After about 10 minutes of real kite flying, the real fun began. My 5-year old’s kite started spinning out of control and quickly got the tail twisted into huge knots. Then my daughter’s kite got tangled. Before 2 more minutes passed, all 3 kites were a mess of knots and tangles.

Obviously, we didn’t do something quite right…. But it was fun while it lasted.

Here’s the song we sang all day!

Have you had better luck with kite flying on the beach?

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